Microscopy Imaging

Digital streaming cameras for all types of microscope

Digital Microscope Cameras

One of Brunel Microscopes areas of expertise is microscopy imaging. There are several ways in which still images and video clips can be obtained through a microscope and they each have various advantages and disadvantages. There are now both high power compound and low power stereomicroscopes with built in digital cameras so that the microscope is effectively attached directly to a computer. These are dealt with in a separate web site www.digital-microscopes.co.uk. This web site also includes the popular handheld microscopes. In addition we have adapters that will attach digital SLR camera backs to virtually all our microscopes and these are listed amongst the accessories available for each instrument.

Described here are the Digital Streaming Cameras designed for microscopes. These can replace existing eyepieces of monocular and binocular instruments or be attached to trinocular photoports.  These can produce video clips, still images and in some cases time lapse photography with the software provided . This also allows measuring and annotation with the versatility of the function be proportional to the price.

CCTV Cameras

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An entry level Digital Streaming Camera that fits, without any adapters, into the eyetubes of all microscopes including stereos. Exceptional value.

Price: £60.00 + vat

Brunel Eyecam


Professional level Digital Streaming Cameras 1.3, 2, 5 and 10M resolution with software that allows detailed measuring of the specimen.

Prices from £88.00 + vat

Brunel Digicam


We are able to supply CCD cooled and uncooled black and white high sensitivity digital cameras for fluorescence applications.

CCD Digicam


Digital screens are now available with their own adapters that will fit the trinocular eyetubes of both compound and stereomicroscopes. These can act independently or communicate with other screens

Microscope Digital Screens


Integrated Camera System


The Brunel multiple interface cameras can simultaneously output directly to a screen via HDMI, to a laptop/PC and integral SD card. Also available with Auto focus and WiFi

Prices from £195 + vat

Multiple Interface Camera


The Brunel Integrated Camera System combines a specific compact camera body with our Unilink to give the potential of high resolution images

Price: £145.00 + vat

WiFi technology has made microscopy cameras relatively common. We have avoided recommendations until now. This unit gives superb images with exceptional colour balance and clarity.

Price £205 + vat

WiFi Microscope Camera


Mobile phones can take very reasonable photographs - providing you have a good adapter. The Phonelink incorporates our own Unilink lens system.

Price £63 + vat



Eyetube camera with a reducing lens which give a field of view the same as the eyepieces of the microscope. Fits all monocular, binocular and stereomicroscopes,

Price £115 + vat

Eyecam Plus