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Image capture with a microscope is an area that has many options, and choice is dictated by the type of image required and advancing technology. Brunel Microscopes has particular expertise in this area and our current recommendations for various circumstances are listed below in the form of questions and answers. If you need further advice or would like more detailed information please telephone our technical support line on 01249 462655.

Q. I have a compact digital camera, what do I need to attach it to my microscope?

A. A small number cannot be fitted to a microscope. Most can using a combination of our own adapters (the Unilink and Link arm),  and step rings and adapters supplied by the camera manufacturer. Click here to find information about your camera or email details to us for advice.

Q. Which is the best compact digital camera to buy for photomicrography?

A. Without doubt the very best of the current crop is a system which we have built around compact Nikon camera (12.1 million pixels) with lens screw thread, and using its AV out lead it can be used as a live analogue CCTV camera as well. The Brunel Digital Camera System includes all the adapters to attach the camera to standard microscopes. Price £300 complete.

Q. I just want to have a live image from my microscope on my portable TV?

A. You need a CCTV camera that produces an analogue image. For high resolution the JVC is excellent and for a more budget approach the Minicam TV would be fine. You can also attach both of these directly to a digital projector providing it has a phono in line.

Q. Can I use either of these with my computer?

A. You can providing the image is converted from analogue to digital first. For PC’s this needs a PCI card to be added (we recommend the Eurosys). For laptops or a more budgeted approach we recommend a video encoder. This is both MAC and Windows compatible. The resolution will not be as good as the analogue image.

Q. I want live CCTV images on my computer?

A. You need a CCTV camera with a digital output (these will not work on TV’s). Digital output CCTV cameras are much more expensive than analogue. For resolution and measuring software we recommend the Brunel Digicam Series. For the budget approach the Eyecam will fit almost all microscopes.

Q. I have Windows Vista on my computer is that ok?

A. It is for all Minicams and the Xli cameras. The manufacturers of the stereomicroscope BMSV, the Eurosys PCI card, and the WinTV are working on it but for the moment they are not compatible.

Q. What microscope adapters do I need?

A. If you buy the microscope and camera from us we will take care of all of that for you. The list of accessories for each model will have CCTV and digital cameras listed. If you have purchased from others then we need to know the details of your microscope and camera.

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