The Brunel Unilink is designed to work with most compact digital cameras that cannot have their lenses removed. The Unilink incorporates a lens system that replaces the eyepiece of the microscope. It also has a 37 mm male screw thread that can be used to attach cameras that have lens screw threads or lens adapters with screw threads. In addition it is tapped to take the screw thread of the Brunel Link arm - used for the many cameras without lens screw threads.


The Unilink can attach to camera screw threads via step rings. If for example your camera has a 46 mm screw thread then a 46 to 37 mm step ring is needed - and so on.


If like a lot of the cameras there is no lens screw thread then it can be attached to the Unilink via its tripod bush. This is a screw thread usually in the base of the camera that is used for attaching it to a tripod. The three elements of the Linkarm allow a frame of stainless steel to hold the camera very firmly next to the lens of the Unilink - it works with all cameras that have a tripod bush - irrespective of its position in the camera.


The Unilink will fit into all monocular, binocular or trinocular standard compound microscope eye tubes (23.8 mm internal diameter). The thickness of the eye tube wall does not matter, the Unilink will fit all types. For binocular stereomicroscopes we have eye tube inserts that reduce the internal diameter to suit the Unilink. Most stereos are either 30 mm or 30.5mm in diameter (measure carefully please!). To check if your camera has an adapter with a screw thread try, this American company is excellent and will deliver promptly and cheaply to the UK.


We appreciate that it is difficult to visualise how these two adapters might work and we have therefor prepared some animations to show how they are fitted. These may take a little time to download. To view please click on the projector icons below each picture - the wait will be worth it!

Brunel Unilink adapter
Brunel Unilink and Linkarm
Unilink & Linkarm
Complete animation

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