The Educam is an extremely versatile micro light video camera with a very wide range of applications. The focusing lens has a variable focal length from 1/4 inch to infinity. This allows small objects to be viewed in close up as well as through the microscope. Additionally the unit which is mounted on a flexi arm can be used as a conventional video camera for general views. A very flexible system for those not requiring high resolution.


This degree of flexibility makes the EDUCAM the ideal educational tool, both for schools and home use. The unit comes complete with a simple compound and stereomicroscope adapter which allows the camera to look down the eyepiece of any of the microscopes in our range - even the cheapest.


Cabling is very simple and the image can be taken directly to a TV monitor, video recorder or television. The video output of the educam is analogue which needs to be converted to digital for computer imaging. This can be achieved by either an internal computer PCI card or an external USB connecting converter. The Hauppage and Eurosys cards are recommended and work extremely well with the Educam.


Tech Spec:Resolution 450, Pixel count 291K, Electronic Iris, Lux 1.5S- Video/Composite, NTSC, PAL. Flexible goose neck 18 inches.


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