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Brunel USB Cameras

Brunel Microscopes offers a series of USB digital cameras for a range of applications. Full IT installation and commissioning support is part of our after sales service.

The simplest of these is the Eyecam. This 2M driverless USB camera will fit 23.2, 30, and 30.5 mm eyepiece tubes. This effectively means that these cameras will fit the monocular, binocular and trinocular tubes of almost all microscopes. The Eyecam has an integral lens element so that adapters are not required. This will result in some reduction in size  of the field of view when compared with a Digicam with its appropriate reducing adapter. Included with the Eyecam is still image and video capture software with an integrated simple measurement function (for which a stage micrometer is required for calibration).

The Brunel Digicams are digital C mount colour cameras that give an excellent picture that can be taken directly to a lap top or PC. These attach to a microscope via a C mount adapter. Computer imaging can be either video clips, time lapse or “image grabbed” still frames. These compact versatile units can fit with the appropriate adapter most monocular, binocular and trinocular compound and stereo microscopes.  Available as 1.3, 2, 5 and 10 CMOS units and 3M CCD for low light applications. Complete with a sophisticated software that includes image stitching and stacking with the 5 and 10M versions. All Digicam software includes measurement for which a stage micrometer is needed for calibration.

Fluorescence CCD Cameras

These are CCD units that have the chip cooled to 20 degrees below the ambient temperature. They are available either as colour or black and white cameras. Each has a Sony CCD chip and are ideally suited to low light situations such as fluorescence microscopy.

For advice on which unit will suit your needs please contact out technical support team on

01249 462655

USB cameras



Fluorescence Cameras

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