Ceti - Cap Software has the following features:

Icon driven Toolbar for common functions   

Pan and zoom with selectable magnification   

Selectable image resolutions   

Mirror / Flip / Rotate image options   

Save images in Bitmap, Jpeg and Tiff formats   

Record live video   

Email an image instantly   

On-screen annotation time/date certification   

Freeze image   

Copy to clipboard and paste into other applications   

Positive or negative image   

Colour / Mono mode   

Advanced camera controls include:   

Auto / Manual exposure   

Auto / Manual white balance   

Auto / Manual gain   

Banding filter to suppress ambient flicker   

Flatfield correction   

Programmable gamma slope   

Variable frame rate

Custom camera control can be achieved by using the SDK (software development kit) which is supplied with sample code. This enables you to seamlessly integrate the camera controls quickly within your OEM application.


Price: £1045 + vat  -  to buy click here                                                 

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ceti digital cameras

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• brunel xli DX 2M camera

• brunel xli DE 2M camera

• brunel xli DE 3M camera

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• brunel xli DX 3M camera

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