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Ceti 3M USB 2.0 digital camera

CCTV cameras that produce a digital image have been very expensive until recently. However USB 2.0 technology has allowed the introduction of cameras that are more realistically priced.The increased speed of download make focus and moving image clips much easier. USB 2.0 cameras are particularly useful for laptop computers and give good resolution video clips and grabbed still images. Computer images are defined by pixels, with the concentration of pixels defining the resolution and the number of pixels the maximum image size.


The Ceti 3M USB 2.0 digital camera is British made and includes very effective software that allows full image adjustment and automatic white balance. In addition the software can undertake a range of measurements of the live image. The 3M cameras provides a 2048 x 1536 pixel size image that provides good resolution, good size printed images, as well as excellent very smooth video clips.

Features include:    

Video or snapshot operations      

Auto/Manual exposure control       

Auto/Manual white balance control       

Auto/Manual gain control       

Banding filter control       

Manual flatfield correction       

Variable gamma slope       

Variable frame rate       

Variable spot luminance control       

Integral IR filter       

Simplified cabling - single USB cable       

Software compatible with Windows XP and Vista


 The software is excellent and includes a full measuring suit

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